How to Find Hidden Cameras

How to Find Hidden Cameras

In the 21st century, it is hard not to notice the amount of technology we use on a daily basis. Some of the most popular forms of technology are small and powerful smartphones, video game consoles, electric cars, and even robots that perform different tasks such as vacuuming.

With this influx of technology, there are also certain dangers. For instance, there is a chance that devices will be used in unconditional ways or to spy on people, especially tiny gadgets like cameras.

There are many types of cameras these days which are very small and can be placed virtually anywhere. In fact, there may be a chance you’re being watched at all times, due to the versatility of surveillance equipment available for purchase.

However, you don’t have to worry about being spied on because there are some easy ways to figure out if there are hidden cameras around you at any time, so you can be proactive at protecting yourself and not feel uncomfortable about being in certain places.

Spot the Camera

There are a few no or low cost ways to locate a camera in your home or away from home. Although, you may be safer from cameras at your house, if you spend a lot of time somewhere else, you could be at a greater risk.

Places like hotel rooms, public restrooms, office buildings, streets, and stores often use cameras that are designed not to be seen. In some places this is a legitimate way to offer up more security, but in other places, these cameras act more like unwelcome guests. Here are the most efficient ways to locate cameras near you.

  1. Look at everything: Take in your surroundings. Look all over the space or room you’re in for suspicious signs of cameras, such as tiny holes in the ceiling or near air vents. Pay close attention to any section of space that is dark. Turn a flashlight on and point it into corners and check on and underneath everything.
  2. Turn the lights off: Many of the cameras used to spy have flashing lights on them. Turn off all the lights and see if you see a flashing light anywhere. The lights are usually red or green and very small, so take a couple minutes looking all around to be sure.
  3. Use your cell phone: A good trick is to call someone on your cell phone because this could interfere with cameras. After the call is active, wave the phone around into all the areas you are curious about. If there are any strange noises or interference, there may be a camera nearby.
  4. Look online: If you want to know without a doubt whether there are cameras around, you should check for devices online. There are different types of camera detectors that can be purchased to help you locate hidden cameras. Many of them are low cost and discreet, so they wouldn’t necessarily draw attention if you were using it in public or on the street. Furthermore, they are small enough to fit inside a purse or a briefcase.

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Other Helpful Tips

In addition to these important techniques, there are also a few tips to remember, so that you don’t find yourself being preyed upon by cameras that are recording you without your consent.

  • Some of these tactics work for listening devices as well. For instance, when you are looking for cameras, you may actually find bugs instead. Additionally, the cell phone trick and the devices available for purchase will help you find audio surveillance equipment too.
  • If someone has put a camera up to spy on people, it is most likely a wireless camera. However, you may want to check around for wires that don’t seem like they belong.
  • Another thing to do when you turn out the lights is to shine a flashlight into any mirrors. Cameras may sometimes be hidden in mirrors because they are not often looked at too closely. There is also a great deal of light near most mirrors, which can be advantageous if someone is watching.
  • Remember to stay quiet when you’re searching. Cameras often make audible noises, which are very low, that may help you locate them.
  • In addition to cameras that are found inside, there are cameras to worry about outdoors. Obviously you can’t remove or disable public cameras, but you can still protect yourself. Try to ascertain where the cameras are on your regular route on a daily basis, and attempt to stay out of their line of sight. They are often hidden under awnings or high on lampposts.
  • If you are house-sitting for a friend or are babysitting, you may want to check on shelves or bookcases to see if someone has installed a nanny cam. These are popular cameras that are installed to make sure that babysitters don’t hurt children or to check on the house remotely while on vacation or at work.
  • If you visit a place often, take notice when new things pop up mostly because cameras don’t often look like they are cameras and can be mistaken for unassuming knick knacks.
  • One of the most important things to keep in mind is there may be more than one camera. For example, if you find one camera, there may be others that are hidden even more discreetly. Be skeptical about a camera you found too easily, especially in someone’s home or a public place. There are probably better hidden cameras that you are not meant to find, no matter how hard you look.

With these strategies and tips, you are ready to sweep any place you are in for hidden cameras and devices. While some of the cameras you are around each day may not be illegal, they can be a big deal to you if you didn’t know about them in the first place. It is better to know you are being watched, even if you are okay with it, so you will know how to act to reduce suspicion.

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