Hidden Cameras for Home

Hidden Cameras for Home

At some point, you may find yourself needing to place a camera in your home. There is a wide range of reasons why you may need one, as well as many different kinds to choose from all with different features depending on your needs. It is a good idea to find one that is easy to use and is able to be hidden inconspicuously.

Reasons You May Need a Camera

The type of camera you may need differs greatly depending on the reason you need it. Here are some of the top reasons why you might need additional eyes at your house.

  • To monitor your house when you aren’t there: Whether it be that you are on vacation or simply at work, it will most likely make you feel better to be able to see what is going on at home. You can check on your kids, pets, a family member, a spouse, or check to make sure nothing is amiss. Watching house sitters, housekeepers, or babysitters may also be important to you, to see for yourself if they are respecting your house or doing what they are being paid to do.
  • To see who’s outside: You can point a camera out a window to see the front door or invest in a sturdy camera that goes outside, in an effort to keep your perimeter protected from strangers and others that may want to do you harm.
  • You need to record a conversation or encounter: Not everyone you meet is a nice person. For this reason, you may have to record a conversation or event, so that you can have evidence for a court case. Additionally, it may protect you in other types of situations.

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Types of Cameras

Now you know the main reasons why you would need to purchase a camera for your house. These are the types that are most commonly available.

  • Nanny Cams: This type of camera is used to spy on more than just nannies. It can give you a look into your house at all times. Cameras of this type are often also IP or Wi-Fi cams, because they work with an internet connection to stream video and record it for playback at a later time. The content is usually streamed through smartphone apps. Furthermore, cameras of this type may be able to be controlled remotely to take pictures, tilt, zoom, pan, and record video. Some models also offer you an opportunity to talk to the person you are looking at in real time. Traditionally, nanny cams came in the form of a stuffed animal or teddy bear with a camera in its eye. This is no longer the case as “nanny cam” has become a more general term nowadays. These are good for watching over employees, family members, and pets while you are at work, and checking on your house when you are on vacation. Many models have features that alert you when there is action or sound, so you can notify the authorities.
  • Small bullet or dome cams: This type is often a private variety of camera that is closed circuit. That means it can only show you what it sees, but you can record the content yourself with the use of additional equipment. They are usually very small, weigh very little, and are used mainly to show you what it going on in a certain area at all times. For instance, this is the kind of camera you can point out a window to see who is at the front door. However, you will need to hook it up to a TV or monitor to see the content. There are also outdoor versions of these cameras.
  • Spy Cameras: This kind of camera is shaped like other objects. For instance, there are varieties that look like glasses, pens, clocks, coat hooks, smoke detectors, and many other everyday items. They are often very small, portable, and many types can be placed on your person. They are most helpful when you are not at home or when you have to encounter someone and you don’t exactly trust them. You may also use them to tape conversations or lectures, and watch or listen to them later. These cameras often record video and audio or can be set to take pictures and sometimes come with built-in storage and rechargeable batteries.

Where to Hide Them

Once you have decided what type of camera you need, you might be left wondering where the best place is to place them. Determine what areas you want to monitor and see where the best angles may be. You will need a good range of sight, but you also want the camera to go unnoticed. This is usually not a problem, due to their small size and that they are often dark in color.

The best places to put them indoors are on bookshelves, tables, right inside air conditioner vents, in potted plants, or any other place where people don’t often look. The higher you put it up, the less you will have to worry about someone seeing it.

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You may also elect to put it right inside your blinds or curtains and face it out the window. If you put one in the upper corner of a window, it will be hard to notice. Outdoor cameras can be placed underneath eaves or corners on your house, which stay relatively dark throughout the day and night.

Spy cameras can be kept nearly anywhere in the house when disguised correctly. For instance a clock should go on the wall, and pens should go on a desk. There isn’t really a reason for people to think these things have cameras in them, so they will probably never notice.

Use these tips and suggestions to find and install the camera that will work best for you. You can experiment with different angles and areas of your house until you get everything just right. Then it will be up to you to monitor what is going on and keep on top of anything suspicious.


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