Best Nanny Cams

Best Nanny Cams

Nanny cams are a really cool invention, and are small recording devices placed indoors, so you can always be aware of what is going on when your kids are in the care of someone else. You can use them to record inside your house in an attempt to keep your eye on a pet, an elderly relative, or your children. As a bonus, they may also be able to protect you from a burglar, or alert you if something is happening that you don’t know about. Good features to look for include the ability to stream and record, quality audio and picture, and night vision.

Nest Cam Security Camera

This camera looks like a small speaker. It is constantly streaming, so you can log in through an app on your smartphone to see what is going on in your home. It has motion and sound detection and can send alerts to your phone when it sees something is amiss. The product is also lightweight and streams in HD. It is capable of saving to cloud with a subscription sold separately.


  • Constant streaming
  • Can send alerts to phone
  • Can detect motion and sound
  • HD video
  • Can save to cloud
  • Lightweight
  • Has night vision
  • Sturdy
  • Can view video stream on smart device


  • Cloud storage isn’t free
  • Can’t save video without subscription

This product is really unique, but can only record video to cloud. However, the camera comes with a 30 day free trial so you can see if it is something you would like to have and is worth the extra monthly fees.

D-Link Wireless DCS-5029L

This sleek camera can stream in 720p. It is able to record video with the use of an inexpensive SD card. It can work with a wired or wireless connection and can be monitored at all times on a phone or tablet. It’s also able to pan or tilt and has great night vision clarity.


  • Sleek design
  • Pans and tilts
  • 720p video
  • Has night vision
  • SD slot
  • Can be monitored anytime on smart device
  • Has motion detection
  • Wi-Fi or wired connection


  • Video may not be HD when using apps

Although the video is HD when it records and streams, your phone’s connection can change that when you are watching it. However, when you watch the video on the camera, there shouldn’t be a problem with the quality.

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Kodak CFH-V15

This Kodak camera is small with a sturdy base, and has a unique cone shape. You can use the tilt and pan capabilities remotely, and the camera can pan up to 350 degrees. This large angle will allow you to see almost every corner of a given room. Another feature is that it has free one-day cloud storage, which means it saves all the video it records for a whole day, free of charge.


  • Can pan and tilt remotely
  • 350 degree pan
  • Offers motion notifications
  • Sturdy base
  • Can purchase additional cloud storage plans
  • Built in extender for Wi-Fi
  • Can be wall mounted
  • Free one-day storage
  • Take pictures


  • Apps may be buggy

This camera can record video, stream video, take pictures, and has a built in Wi-Fi extender. There are also additional paid cloud plans if you want to keep videos for longer than one-day.

EasyN HD IP Camera

This easy to use video camera is great if you want a clear picture at night. It will accurately monitor what is going on in your house, and if unexpected motion is detected, the camera will automatically record video to its internal storage. You can also get push notifications on your phone when something unexpected is happening while you are away.


  • Offers email and push notifications
  • Great night vision
  • Motion records to SD card automatically
  • Good video and sound quality
  • Easy to use


  • Wi-Fi doesn’t work for everyone

This camera is good for a beginner because it is easy to use. It offers push notifications if something happens and has great video and audio. It can record as well as stream.

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Each of these cameras is small, unobtrusive, and would most likely not be noticed by a child or babysitter. They are all able to stream video to your phone or device at all times, so you will always have eyes on your residence. However, every one of these cameras has unique features. The best one is the Kodak CFH-V15. This is because it can do it all: it has a built-in extender to help boost your Wi-Fi, and you can set it to record video to cloud storage at a certain time. There is also a free cloud plan, and other paid plans are available with reasonable rates. Its motions can be controlled remotely and it can also take screenshots.

The D-Link Wireless DCS-5029L is another great buy. It can pan nearly an entire room and can see very clearly in the dark. You can also use any type of connection with this product. It even has a slot for a memory card so it can record any time you set it to.

Don’t forget about the EasyN HD IP Camera. It sees well in the day and night, and also delivers high quality sound. Additionally, you can add a memory card to it, so it will record video if there is any type of motion at your home, which you can view later. It is also easy to use, but it may not work for everyone.

Finally, the Nest Cam Security Camera is a high quality device that is a great solution, especially if you don’t mind paying a bit extra for a storage plan. It has great HD video and you can stream it on a variety of different devices. It may also be paired with a Nest thermostat, if you have one of those at your house.


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