Best IP Camera

Best IP Camera

There are many reasons why you might want a camera for your home. For instance, you may need to know what is going on when you are away from the premises or want to check in on your pets.

There are many types of cameras that will meet your needs, and one type is an IP camera. This camera is designed to record video or pictures you can view via an app on your phone or computer with an internet connection.

Many cameras of this variety are able to send alerts to your email or smart phone when images are available to view. Each of these cameras saves the images to an SD card, which can be purchased separately. They also come with a variety of other features.

Vimtag 361 HD

This camera is silver and black and has a laundry list of specs. It is able to pan, zoom, and tilt, so you can see more of the area you are watching, and it has easy plug and play setup. There is also night vision and two-way voice capabilities. Additionally, the product can be viewed by more than one user at a time.


  • Zooms, pans, and tilts
  • Two-Way Voice Capability
  • Plug and play
  • Night Vision
  • Can stream video to different types of devices
  • Can view a wide angle
  • Sends alerts
  • Multiple users can view at same time


  • Can only record to SD card
  • Can only be used indoors

This camera is designed for indoor use only, but can help when you are away from your house. It will send you alerts and can be viewed by everyone in your family simultaneously through multiple Android or Apple devices.

Amcrest ProHD 1080P Security Camera

This camera can stream full HD video at 30 frames per second. It has clear infrared night vision and can save video to cloud, where a limited amount of space is free via the manufacturer. Furthermore, the product has a one-year warranty and lifetime support.


  • Full HD
  • Infrared Night Vision
  • One-year warranty and lifetime support
  • Can stream to mobile devices or computers
  • Can record and save to cloud service
  • Send email alerts
  • Can have wired or wireless connection


  • App may be hard to use
  • May not be easy to set up

Some people had trouble with the app and set up, but this product has unparalleled video, even at night. It will work with a wireless or wired connection and can stream to any device, including computers.

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LeFun Wireless WiFi IP Surveillance Camera

This camera is white and easy to use. It can pan up to 350 degrees, which is nearly a complete circle. The pan angles and zoom can be controlled through a smartphone or device. In addition, the camera can be set up to offer push notifications if activity is detected.


  • Offers push notification alerts
  • Can use outside if it is protected from elements
  • Good for beginners
  • Can control camera through smartphone
  • Wide angle pan


  • Apps don’t always work

This camera is great if you are looking for your first IP camera that is easy to set up and control. It can capture images outdoors well, but if you want to use it outside, it has to be protected well from the elements. Also, the wide panning is great for seeing a larger area.

Deecam D200

This simple-looking camera may remind you of the first webcams ever made. However, this one is a little more advanced than that. It provides a decent picture and video quality and is able to capture motions. There is no delay between what you see and what is happening, which is not the standard across all cameras of this type.


  • Good picture and video quality
  • Can motion capture
  • Night vision works well
  • Easy to use
  • No delay


  • App can be tedious
  • Not ideal with natural lighting

There are a couple of problems with this camera, but it still provides decent video during both the day and at night. The camera can send an email alert you if it detects motion where there isn’t supposed to be any.


Each of these cameras has many good qualities, but some are better than others. For instance, the Vimtag 361 HD is the best in the bunch, mostly due to the number of features. It offers clear pictures all hours of the day and night, has two-way audio transmission, and can stream to as many computers or smart devices as you want at one time.

The Amcrest ProHD 1080P Security Camera is the best in terms of picture quality. It produces crystal clear HD video and the camera is sleek and attractive in matte black. You can choose what type of connection to use, and it is the only device listed here that offers cloud storage. Moreover, the warranty and support coverage are additional reasons to consider this product for your family. Some users had problems with the app and setup, but that is what the support is designed to be used for.

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The LeFun Wireless Wi-Fi IP Surveillance Camera is the best choice if you are a beginner. It has features that are straightforward and easy to use. It can also send push notifications to your phone to alert you to movement, and has a wide pan so that it is hard for it to miss any movements that may happen.

Finally, the Deecam D200 is no slouch. Although it doesn’t work best in natural lighting, it does capture a clear picture under artificial lighting and at night. In addition, with the motion images it takes, the images are sharp and easy to make out. The fact that it has no delay is also an excellent reason to add this one to your list.


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